Nations Reaching Nations

Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.

Sunday Worship Celebration: 10:45 a.m.

Wednesday Bible Studies and Activities: 6 p.m.

One of the unique aspects of Wilcrest Baptist Church is that it represents more than 50 different nations during worship. Whereas Wilcrest used to be a homogeneous congregation, God did a miraculous work transforming it into a diverse worship service. Our passion is to reflect God's heart for the nations as we make disciples of all peoples and worship and serve together in unity. 


The Color of Church

Dr. Rodney Woo served as the senior pastor of Wilcrest for 18 years, leading the church to embrace a multi-ethnic vision. The book, The Color of Church, written by Pastor Rodney, is a thought-provoking book that establishes a biblical foundation for multiracial ministry, provides a clear picture of the current reality of the relationship amongst the races in our society and churches, and offers practical guidance to help implement multiethnic ministry.

The Color of Church unfolds the story of how God has helped Wilcrest understand the biblical principles of a multiracial church that He progressively revealed in Scripture. Each chapter parallels the biblical model or mandate and the Wilcrest transformation story from a uniracial to a multiracial congregation. The Color of Church adopts the definition that a multiracial congregation is composed of racially diverse believers united by their faith in Christ, who make disciples of all the nations in the anticipation of the ultimate racial reunion around the throne of God.

Gospel Family

A great disparity exists between the biblical portrait of family and our cultural reality. Gospel Family is a response to this disparity and a movement to bring discipleship, worship, and missions into the home; for there is no greater joy than to see our families enjoying Christ and his Gospel. 

Our former senior pastor, Jonathan Williams, launched Gospel Family Ministries in 2014 in hopes of encouraging families to bring the Gospel home by cultivating Family Discipleship, Family Worship, & Family Missions. This is a journey of family restoration, spiritual leadership, grace-based parenting, family devotions, prayer, and simply rooting each home in the Gospel.