Our Name and Mission

In Spring of 2017, we adopted a new name for our ministry. Below, we share the meaning and heart behind this name. We are ready to stand for Christ and defy the things of this world.

We will not follow our peers

We will follow Christ

We will not cower

We will be bold

We will not give up

We will stand firm

We will not be a statistic

We will stand out

We will not focus on ourselves

We will serve others

We will not hate

We will love

We   will   defy

We will defy expectations

We will defy the odds

We will defy our generation

We will defy darkness

We will defy the things of this world

Because of Christ, we can defy

Because of Christ, we must defy

Because of Christ, we will defy

We   will   defy

Wednesday Nights

Bible Study @ 6 p.m. 

We invite both Middle School and High School students to our weekly Bible Study in the Chapel. It is a great time of study, group discussion and encouragement in a more casual setting. We promise you a night that contains Jesus, laughter and junk food. This semester, we will be exploring the book of Genesis together. 

With every study we choose, we make sure that they are relevant and foundational for teens in following after the Lord. Feel free to come early and stay after, as this will surely be a night that will transform your week. 

Sunday Mornings

Sunday Morning Discipleship @ 9:30 am

Here students will find Godly adults who have a heart for teens guiding them through difficult times and challenging them with the truths of God’s Word. 

Our format for Sunday mornings starts out in large group to watch the brief video, then break up into girls and guys for a time of teaching. We then want to spend some time in small groups for discussion and prayer. This should be a powerful time of discipleship as the students have each week's lesson reinforced from 3 distinct perspectives: from the video, their teacher and their peers. Hope to see you there!