Summer Surge

What is Summer Surge? Well, it is a mission camp that is happening for all students 6th-12th grade

It is happening during the week of July 18th-22nd, 2022

Price: ONLY $65 per student

It is based on Isaiah 44:3

For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
    and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring,
    and my blessing on your descendants.

Vision: As a multi-cultural church in the heart of Houston, we are praying for God to move and bring blessings in our diverse communities. We know we are in a dry and weary land with many needs and many hurting people. We also know that God is powerful and can move in a mighty way, especially when his children obey him and put others’ needs ahead of their own. Through Summer Surge, we want our neighbors to feel a tidal wave of Christ’s love as our students devote a week of their vacation to serving and loving them. We will hang out and invest in the students in the morning so they will be ready to serve the rest of the day.

Daily Schedule:

  • Arrive by 9 AM at the latest (can be earlier if needed due to parent's work schedule)
  • 9 - 11:30 AM - Breakfast, Worship, Games, Devotional, Project breakdown
  • 11:30 AM - Leave for project site
  • 12 PM - 4 PM - Mission project
  • 4:30 or 5 PM - Arrive back at church; debrief and hang time
  • 5:30 - 6 PM - Parent pick up from church

Mission projects:

  • Monday - Plant it Forward - Organization serving refugees and enabling urban farming
  • Tuesday - Foster Village Houston - Organization serving children and families with the welfare system
  • Wednesday - Houston Food Bank - Sorting/organizing food in their warehouse
  • Thursday - Owens Intermediate School - Focused on the church's neighbors; serving our neighbor school with various projects
  • Friday - Kid's Cafe & Prayer Walk - Focused on the church's neighbors; serving meals to community children and ending week with prayer over neighborhood as well as Owens Intermediate and Chambers Elementary


Not convinced yet? Watch the commercial our students made for Summer Surge below!


Come grow with us!

In Wilcrest Defy Student Ministry, we trust that God is growing all of us no matter our age. He is not done with us yet! With that in mind, our ministry is centered on three anchor points intentionally designed to connect with students in meaningful ways. We want to build relationships with students and see them grow in love and knowledge of the Lord.

Defy Nights

Wednesday Nights @ 6PM in the Chapel

We invite both Middle School and High School students to our weekly Bible Study in the Chapel. Wednesday nights are informal, fun, and encouraging. We will dig into the Word together to understand how it applies to our lives right now. We will play some games, eat some junk food, and figure out how to live for Jesus. 

Defy Collective

Sunday Mornings @ 9:30AM in the Youth area

Collective definition: belonging or relating to all members of the group. That is a great picture of what we want our Sunday mornings to look like - all leaders and students owning and contributing to the ministry and growing together! Sunday mornings will still focus on Bible lessons, but will be heavily infused with discipleship and small group discussion. 

In fact, we believe in discipleship so much that one Sunday morning a month will be devoted strictly to discipleship small group time. This is time just between a small group and their leader. This gives students a great opportunity to connect with our awesome leaders who love them and want to help them deal with life's struggles in a Biblical way.

Defy Reset

Monthly, Date and Time: TBA

This is simply a time to 'reset'. We are all busy. Our minds are on a million things. Voices coming at us from all directions. We have to make time to connect and intentionally build friendships that will last and help carry us when we face the difficulties of life. Reset is a time to just chill with our friends and youth leaders, usually at a youth leader's house. Plenty of food, plenty of fun and laughs.

So, come take a break from homework. Come take a break from your phone and social media. 

Come Reset...with us!

Our Name and Mission

What is the name Defy about? Below, we share the meaning and heart behind this name. We are ready to stand for Christ and defy the things of this world.

We will not follow our peers

We will follow Christ

We will not cower

We will be bold

We will not give up

We will stand firm

We will not be a statistic

We will stand out

We will not focus on ourselves

We will serve others

We will not hate

We will love

We   will   defy

We will defy expectations

We will defy the odds

We will defy our generation

We will defy darkness

We will defy the things of this world

Because of Christ, we can defy

Because of Christ, we must defy

Because of Christ, we will defy

We   will   defy

How do I get started?

Feel free to just show up! We love first time guests or returning visitors.

If you want to make a personal connection first or ask some questions, that's great too!

Reach out directly to the youth pastor for anything you or your student may need or to find out information about any of our other events throughout the year like our (Awesome!) Winter Retreat pictured here.

Other ways to connect:

roundedfacebook    Wilcrest Defy Student Ministry   

roundedinstagram    wilcrestdefy

NEW! We will also need a waiver form for each student. Please click this link to fill out the new electronic version.

Wilcrest Student Info Form (click)