The School of Global Leadership is Wilcrest's in-house training school that focuses on cross-cultural competency, missional living, inter-faith dialogue, and leadership.  It is staffed by Wilcrest's members from all around the world.  These teachers lend their expertise and first-hand knowledge of their country, worldview, or former religion.  The school offers classes onsite and online.  These classes often include learning groups, field-observation groups, and overseas trips.

Tell the Story

Tell the Story is a hands-on learning laboratory that will focus on three elements:

Chronological Bible Storying: we will learn how to tell the whole picture of the Bible chronologically in storying groups.

Testimonies: Learn what is interesting in your testimony and how to share the gospel through what God has done in your life with people from diverse backgrounds.  

Evangelism tools: we will teach different models for having evangelistic conversations that can be used in various situations.

City of God: Urban Missiology

The future of missions is urban.  The world is being urbanized at an unprecedented rate and the church is struggling to catch up.  In 1900, the world was 16% urbanized.  In 2016, the world was 55% urbanized.  The USA was ahead of this curve in that it was already 50% urbanized in 1910!

The forces of urbanization fuel the challenges of immigration, poverty, racism, mental health, and many other challenges.  How will the church address these challenges?

God's Global Kingdom

In 1900 83% of Christians lived in North America and Europe.  Today 60% of Christians live in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  This dramatic shift is a result of the de-Christianization of the Western world, and the Christianization of the Global South.

Our growing group of teachers shared about theologians, theologies, mission history, and church history from their home country.  Global theology is not about finding new meaning in the text but exploring meaning that was there all along.  

This class included two panels on race relations in the church.

Kingdom of Fear, Kingdom of Power

This is the class that started it all.  We had thirteen teachers from 10 countries who shared about animism in their home country and even their family.  There are stories from every corner of the globe.