Business for Transformation and Mission

Western culture is rapidly moving into a post-Christian and even post-religious era.  One in five adults (and two out of three adults under thirty) has no religious affiliation.  From 2007 to 2012 this segment grew by five percent!  For Houstonians, one in four people are foreign born, and they are often from a different religious background.  This means that for all of the church's best efforts, many people, especially younger generations, will never think to enter a church.

WBC is dedicated to equipping people to be engaged in the workplace.  We offer training, work groups, and mentorship in how to be a kingdom focused worker.

Work Has Worth

Work was ordained by God before the fall.  All legitimate work endeavors have value to God's kingdom and are expressions of "subdue the earth" and "give us this day our daily bread."  Work is not simply a means to an end (charity, mission, etc) but it has implicit value.

Kingdom Ethics

When people adopt a secularized form of Christianity (Sunday is God's day, but that doesn't connect to the rest of the week) then it is easy to slip into unethical business practices, inappropriate work relationships, and treating work as an idol through workaholism or laziness.  It is imperative that believers are the salt and light in their place of work, that they encourage and hold each other accountable, and that they represent the name of the King in everything that they do. 

Lifestyle Discipleship

Before there was ever the notion of a fully-funded vocational missionary, the gospel was carried across the ancient world over trade routes by business people.  If you are using your job to go around the world or are interested in being a light right here, you will need to learn how to share your faith in such a way that won't get you deported or fired.  It is, nevertheless, imperative that Christians share their faith holistically, lovingly, and intentionally in the work place.